30 Must See Breathtaking Places Reclaimed by Nature

Everything that comes from this earth will eventually go back to it. When nature reclaims what rightfully belongs to her, the results are nothing short of spectacular. Here are 50 breathtaking places reclaimed by nature.

1. Hotel in Germany Reclaimed by Nature

2. Ancient Ruins, Stari Bar, Montenegro

3. Abandoned Railroad Bridge in Taiwan

4. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

5. Statue of Buddha Being Consumed by Moss


7. Another Statue Being Reclaimed by Nature

8. Abandoned roller coaster in Hubei Province, China

9. Abandoned Movie Theater

10. Reclaimed Train

11. Vegetation reclaiming the Stairway in Bavaria, Germany

12. Abandoned School in UK

 13. Buried By Wind and Weeds

14. Abandoned Railroad, Lebanon, Missouri

 15. Erice Castle, Sicily, Italy photo

16. 16 ships shipwrecked in a sandbar in the Bermuda Triangle

17. Tomb Raider Tree at Ta Prohm ancient Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia


19. Abandoned Railroad Track in Berlin

20. Buried Vehicles Being Reclaimed by Nature in Taiwan


22. Częstochowa’s Abandoned Train Depot in Poland


24. Ivy Temple, Xian, China

25. Once A Roadway Now a Forest

26. Abandoned Grand Staircase

27. Atlanta’s School Bathroom Reclaimed by Nature

28. Abandoned Mill in Sorrento, Italy


30. Concrete Pipe Housing Reclaimed by Nature